Deborah Withey, Cheese + Pickles Studio, St. Davids Artist’s Statement Born in America of Welsh decent, Deborah was always curious about her father’s birthplace in the land called Wales. So, after graduating from university, she travelled to the Welsh Valleys to see it for herself. The last place on her itinerary was St. Davids, Pembrokeshire, and it was there her great enchantment with the Celtic land and sea began. She says about her work: “The variable light inspires me, the sea, the strange curves and jagged formations on the landscape, the billion shades of green, and the most special bit for me - being surrounded by fragments of medieval art and magic wherever I look. It is this period that I want to express in my work. I have chosen natural stone and ink as my medium, and my medieval portraits are meant to be whimsical interpretations of the people and animals of those times. Each face in the series is unique and has a story to tell. Take a look in their eyes and have a conversation.” Deborah has both a fine art and visual communications degree. She is a working visual journalist, illustrator, designer and tutor. Before moving to the UK, she held posts as the deputy managing editor for visuals and as a design director for several prestigious American publishing companies. She is a past-president of the international Society of News Design and has won numerous awards for her design and illustration work. She has taught courses on color, design and illustration around the world and now teaches for Learning Pembrokeshire. Deborah invites you to view more of her work by visiting