deborah withey

Portfolio: Newspaper redesign + design

Deb is the former deputy managing editor/presentation of The Virginian-Pilot and as design director for Knight Ridder Newspapers, 1995-2009.

The Virginian-Pilot redesign


I redesigned the Virginian-Pilot in 2007. The design exists today and remains conceptually strong in application and creativity. This was the first Saturday paper of the redesign with new content and presentation. The redesign was conceived through a
great amount of teamwork. I have always liked this
page as it captures the feel and spirit of Hampton
Roads, a part of Virginia, USA, that I will always, along
with this newspaper, love. The redesign was awarded by the Society of News Design in 7 categories.

Pilot A1

So much info but gloriously organised. Designed by Robert Suhay.

Local news front

Eye-catching and right to the point! Designed by Nick Mrozowski

911 anniversary A1

Beautiful tribute in Hampton Roads

sunday magazine

Just love this photo and placement on the page, designed by Ryan Healy.

Day at the Dollar Store

In glorious American fashion, I decided to orchestrate a day at the dollar store for my son and me and write about it....with a warm, fuzzy, non-commercial ending (which really happened). Ah.....


I wrote and photographed this piece, and The Virginian-Pilot published the page after I had left my position as DME. The page is significant for many reasons, but for one in particular -- i decided to return to Wales to live while on the crossing. I really loved my work at the newspaper and thought that if I didn't leave then, 10 years might have gone by before I had even realised it!

Sean Taylor

Wonderful image.

Redesign of the Philadelphia Daily News

This Society of News Design award-winning redesign was launched in 2000. It still exists today. This was one of the redesign prototype covers I created from an actual day's events.